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Pitch Examples - The Diagnostic Tool

First of all, let's look at what a pitch should never be. This is a modified example from a past pitch conference. Despite the fact that this writer received our pitch models in advance, the following is what they produced for the first day of the conference. The title and author's name are withheld for privacy reasons. As follows: Sixteen-year-old Warren’s grandfather was his world: Chicago firefighter, Marine, master builder, musician, upstanding Polish-American man. Now Warren’s a stranger in his own house. His mother, a doctor, is guilty and distant; his father, a fire chief, means well but fails.  His siblings seemed to get all his grandfather’s gifts: discipline, heroism, talent, craft.  Warren tries his best to mimic their feats – swimming, piano-playing, building, firefighting – battling in spirit to take his grandfather back. He tries, and he fails. He resents and fears his awesome big brother, who guards the family heritage like a hero of yore; he envies a

Pushy Elevator Writers!

This video speaks for itself. As agents, we've ALL experienced this. I once had a writer slip me an ms under the bathroom stall door. - Michael Neff  WE Chief Editor