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Pitch Examples - The Diagnostic Tool

We recommend the following ALGONKIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE examples as models for a novel pitch session. Keep the pitch to 150-200 words (orally or in query letter format).  Note that your pitch is a diagnostic tool that helps you determine the strong and weak points of your novel. You can't have a strong pitch without a strong novel. Take special note of dramatic tension and plot points, rising action, character qualities. A novel pitch example as follows, from "The English Teacher" by Lily King: (HOOK - the entire first paragraph) Fifteen years ago Vida Avery arrived alone and pregnant at elite Fayer Academy. She has since become a fixture and one of the best English teachers Fayer has ever had. By living on campus, on an island off the New England coast, Vida has cocooned herself and her son, Peter, from the outside world and from an inside secret. (SCENE SET) For years she has lived largely through the books she teaches, but when she accepts the impulsive marriage

Pushy Elevator Writers!

This video speaks for itself. As agents, we've ALL experienced this. I once had a writer slip me an ms under the bathroom stall door. - Michael Neff  WE Chief Editor