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New York Pitch Conference Review

C onversation With Author Pam Binder   Pam Binder is an Award Winning and New York Times Best Selling author. Pocket Books has published five of Pam's Fantasy Romance novels, including the New York Times best selling anthology, A SEASON IN THE HIGHLANDS. Pam is the President of Pacific Northwest Writers Association, an advisory board member for the Writer's Program at the University of Washington and an instructor in the University of Washington's Popular Fiction extension program. ______________ Under guided sessions, we learned how to make sure our pitches hit all the right notes. Our workshop leader was dedicated to not only helping us perfect our pitch, but acting as our mentor when we met with editors. - Pam Binder ______________ A New York Pitch Conference Review   NYC: How would you compare New York Pitch Conference to other writer conferences?   PB: This conference exceeded my expectations. It is a no-nonsense, no frills con