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The Sublime Inner Voice by Gail Godwin

Writer's Edge Advanced Craft - Interior Monologue  Over the years, author Gail Godwin has excelled at observing and commenting on the human condition via her characters. To a significant extent, the power of her narrative depends on her ability to create interesting personalities whom she then dissects. Overall, this narrative of interior monologue serves as a model for aspiring authors looking to do something similar with their own characters. The following excerpts are from her classic novel, Evensong , the story of Margaret Bonner, the pastor of a church in a small town, and how she interprets and reacts to the people in her life. And btw, though this is in first person, the method can easily be translated into third person also. "Would Gus and Charles, as involved in their building and doctoring as Adrian and I were in our school mastering and pastoring, be able to live up to the words better than we were doing? I hoped so. I hoped so for their sakes. I sket