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An Interview with Lee Ann Ward, Author of DEVIL'S BAY

The Writer's Edge will periodically interview writers looking for a new novel breakout opportunity.   Our first author in this series, Lee Ann Ward , is an award winning author in the romance genre and now hopes to be a rising star on the women's suspense and thriller novel scene. She is also a former editor for Champagne Books . Log line for Devil's Bay : Known in years past as a courageous whistleblower who exposed billions in corporate corruption during the Iraq War, a high school teacher living a new life in small town USA finds her reputation smeared and her loved ones threatened after the corporate CEO she sent to prison begins to enact her merciless revenge. WE: So what made you decide to take a break from romance and move into thriller fiction with Devil's Bay ? LAW:  I was looking to write something different for a change, plus I'd heard the genre was a hot one for writers, but most importantly, the concept of a female version of Cape Fear was too