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The Perfect Query Letter - Your Hook Better Kick

Writer's Edge recommends the following query model below. Note this does not include a long story pitch or short synopsis (which will sink you if you don't know how to artfully write it), but rather a single hook line (which will also sink you for the same reason). Note that comparables (at least two) are vital to your novel. Dear Mr. or Ms. (name of agent): [ The Hook ] You may remember that we met at the XYZ conference [or] I recently completed a novel similar to The Art of Racing in the Rain , which I know your agency represents, and I thought you might want to take a look [or - a good one because it shows you doing your homework] I read in Publishers Marketplace that you represented XYZ to ABC, and thought you might be interested in taking a look at a novel I just completed. ( NOTE: the credential paragraph below can be moved to second to last paragraph, and if no creds then rely on the story hook ) [Professional credentials, platform, or personal background