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Novel into Film - Ken Atchity

Ken Atchity has made hundreds of film and television deals for storytellers wanting their books to be films–including movies, series, and reality shows–since he began producing in 1987 after retiring from his tenured professorship at Occidental College. Also, as literary manager his authors have logged nearly twenty New York Times bestsellers. His own most recent novels are The Messiah Matrix and Brae Mackenzie. Dr. Atchity is also the creator of the free on-demand webinar presentation “Sell Your Story to Hollywood” for aspiring storytellers available at . Common Problems in Novel-To-Film Adaptation “There’s no third act…it just trickles out.” “There are way too many characters, not clear till page 200 who the protagonist is.” “I can’t relate to anyone in the book.” “At the end, the antagonist lays out the entire plot to the protagonist.” “There’s not enough action.” Not just action but dramatic action. "Nothing new here. This concept