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New York Write to Pitch 2022 - The Heart of Publishing

NWOE Press Release: Announcing the New Algonkian "Write to Pitch" Conference     There are no great writers, only great rewriters.         - Algonkian Conferences Motto   The New York Write to Pitch 2022 was officially launched on June 1, 2022. It is a hybrid event combining the core elements of the New York Pitch Conference with new development and editorial content that addresses the many nuances of premise, plot, and prose narrative. As it notes on Publisher's Marketplace, " Development of the novel therefore becomes an issue of paramount concern. Why? Because you can't pitch a marketable novel unless and until you've written one."  According to the event organizers, a lot of newbie writers attend the typical writer event with poor pitches that cannot help but reflect poorly written novels. And who or what is to blame? The explanation lies in the fact that so many sources exist that provide juvenile, incorrect, or blatantly false advice (writer g