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Writing the Ideal Heroine

By Christine Stewart Pardon me while a get a bit gooey about writing for a moment. I've just returned from a trip to England where I went on a (sort of) Jane Austen pilgrimage. If you call visiting her writing desk at the British Library, her portrait at the National Portrait Gallery, her grave at Winchester Cathedral, the house where she died around the corner from the Cathedral, and her home at Chawton Cottage (that's it there) a pilgrimage. Okay, okay. Guilty. I did also visit the Churchill War Rooms does that balance it out? I'm still happy that I went and I encourage you to go on a pilgrimage to visit sites related to a writer you admire, or sites from a novel you love. It can be rather inspiring. I had a terrific novel idea while traveling and, though not related to Austen or the Regency period, I give her credit for the thought. While I visited her house, I took a workshop called Writing the Ideal Heroine , which was taught by Reb